Monday, January 26, 2009

We Are Up and Running (Literally)

We have phone and internet. Well kind of. Half of the phone jacks are up and running. The Qwest guy couldn't figure out how to hook the whole network up so we have to get our AV guy to come out and do it. I guess we have 22 phone jacks in the house or we have only 11 and they can each do two? I don't know but I know Shane the AV guy can figure it out. I mean I can't expect too much from Qwest since it did take them from November 17 until January 26 to hook up one phone line to my house. To make this a more memorable occasion we woke up to a partially flooded basement. Last week was the first time I used our central vac and it was awesome. Because of the size of the home they had to put the industrial size vac in. The install guy said to never let the kids look inside the hole because the suction is so great that it will suck out their eye! No joke! So after using the central vac I noticed that the toe kick didn't work anymore. (the little thing the will suck up stuff off the floor so you don't have to use a dust pan). I told Josh, called our builder and didn't think much of it after that. Apparently because of this industrial vac, I tripped a fuse and this fuse also runs the sub pump. (Can you see where this is going?) So this morning after the pump being off for several days and no one knowing Josh went down to the basement to workout. Well the toilet, tub and and hidden room were all backed up and wet with let us just say not clean water!!!! The smell was pretty bad. So now we have to have everything rewired for our big vacuum. Who said bigger was better?
So I am off to post on others blogs so that you all don't think I am rude!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We Were Robbed!!

Last night someone broke into our car and robbed cash, the dvd player, Josh's wallet and a couple of other things. We were at Texas Roadhouse and came out to find that the console and glove compartment were open and the wires were hanging from the celing where the dvd/tv once was. We hurried and made a police report and they had already made several charges on our amex and bank accounts. They were mostly at gas stations but these guys are fast and they were good. Nothing was "ripped out". They used wire cutters and screw drivers to do everything so at least my car doesn't look too bad. We had a crazy night calling banks and etc. So now in addition to no phone or internet we now have no debt cards, credit cards or valid checks. They have all been cancelled and we are waiting for new ones. Wow, it is crazy living without modern technology! (Don't even ask when the phone line will be connected!)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Qwest Has Put Us On Hold

Still no Internet or phone at our lovely new home.  We contacted them almost two months ago to set this up.  Monday I'll call again but I think Cable One is starting to look good at this point.  So I will be more chatty when everything is working.  For now, some of you asked where we took our pictures for Christmas.  We went to Kiddie Kandids.  They have always done a good job for use.  Well, Happy New Year and I'll try to borrow another computer again here shortly!