Thursday, March 18, 2010

Belinda Carliel was right...

... HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH! No, this isn't a post card. I took this picture! This was our view of the Atlantic Ocean from the balconey of our room. For our 11th anniversary we went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. The trip was awesome. Our hotel was amazing. Not only was is beautiful but the service was outstanding. They remembered your name, where you are from and even our favorite drink (ours was their freshly squeezed juice). Whatever you wanted they would find and try to make it happen. This was the perfect spot to relax! We can't say enough about the food, the rooms, pretty much every thing that has to do with this hotel and the Dominican Republic in general. The people are so friendly and the country is truely spectacular. Mostly Eurpeans vaction there but we did run into some couples from the USA. You must vist this amazing county.

This is me out on our balconey.

Can you belive our amazing view. Where most hotels give you an ocean veiw, here they put your room right on the beach.

This pool ran like a snake and throughout the property and then emptied into an infinity pool.

This is our room on the top.

The beaches were clean and went on for miles. There are only 53 suites on the property so at times you felt like you were the only ones there. No fighting for a spot on the beach or pool. They even bring food and drinks to you out on the beach. It's like room service. They have waiters that roam and ask you what you want. Now that's what I call a beach!

More of the amazing beach.

Josh and I

Josh, my P90x stud!

I love that Josh is a romantic at heart!

This was our amazing room.

Our last night there they had a dinner on the beach.

So romantic!

Here we are on the zip lines. They were amazing. This wasn't even the longest one!


The course we went on

We went to Santo Domingo for the day to tour the capital. It is a very beautiful and historic city. They are very proud to say that Christopher Columbus landed there. This is the oldest cathedral in the Americas. His remains are burried here.

In front of the cathedral

Here we are in the main plaza, outside of the Hard Rock Cafe where we had lunch.

This is the castle that Christopher Columbus's son and brother built.

Here is the castle again.
All in all the trip was amazing. We aslo went snorkeling and drove 2 person speed boats. It was just like James Bond. We took pictures of that with a waterproof camera so I will post those later. We love the DR. We will return.