Sunday, October 18, 2009

Disney World

Disney World was great. We spent six days there in which we were able to go to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. The weather was in the 90's with a heat index of 102-104. It was a little warmer than we expected and they broke all kinds of records while we were there.
Disney was decorated for Halloween which was fun to see. October was a great time to go because there were hardly any lines to wait in.

Ali and Abby experience all the the "big" rides this year. Ali loved the Rock and Roll Roller Coaster and Abby the Tower of Terror.

Ty was a trooper. He loved riding with Daddy in the backpack. He did really well until the end when he began to get sick. We stayed on Disney property at our favorite hotel The Grand Floridian. This helped because if we needed the kids to rest we took the monorail or ferry and we were back in 5 minutes.

Yes, that is an electric wheelchair. We rented it for most of the days we were there. It helped with my recent leg operation and with my handicap pass we didn't wait in any lines. This came in handy on the weekend when the lines were longer. The pass allowed us to get in the fast pass line for every ride. For those who are familiar with this know you can only fast pass one ride at a time and then come back at a certain time to ride the ride. With my pass we didn't need a fast pass ticket but could still go in the fast pass line. Ex. the wait line for Toy Story was 100 minutes. That is just to ride it once. The fast passes were all given out by 11:30 am that day. Thanks to my pass we went through the fast pass line 4 times throughout the day. So we rode it 4 times that day and never stood in line once!!!! I guess something good did come from my fall!
We had a great time but took turns being sick. The girls at the beginning of the trip and the boys at the end. Josh and Nate are finally feeling better but Ty is still pretty bad. If he isn't better tomorrow I will take him in again. And to top it all off I too am getting sick again. But at least we had a "magical time" considering this was Josh's first day off in 18 months. (can't count the days he took off for Ty's birth and my surgery :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Princess Abby's Smile

This pretty princess...

is hiding something with a smile.

A hole where a tooth use to be!!!

This is the first tooth Abby has lost. She told us it was wiggly and it finally came out eating an orange. She was so excited and as you can tell the new one is already there.