Monday, October 13, 2008

Manchild Part 2 (Baby makes 6)

Title says it all. Nate is getting a brother! Josh is so thrilled. He says he has an heir and a spare. We went to Sneak Peek Ultrasound on Friday but the 3D/4D pictures are not the best because the baby was so skinny. He had his legs crossed the whole time but they are pretty sure it's a boy. In one of the pictures it looks like he is sucking his thumb. We get to go back around Christmas time when the baby is nice and fat and they say the pictures will be better. My official due date is March 9, a week before our 10 year anniversary. Sorry honey, no trip to Hawaii this year. I hope no one is offended that this is the first that they heard about my pregnancy. With two miscarriages and horrible morning sickness we always wait a while before we say anything. It has actually made the pregnancy go by a little faster. If you want to see our web site at just enter the access code 1017nm.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cordoba is getting a Temple!!!!!

Some of you know that Josh and I served in the same mission, Argentina Cordoba Mission or La MAC. Yesterday during the morning session President Monson announced that Cordoba will be getting it's own temple. Josh just broke down in tears and all I could think about were all of the faithful members that I worked with who were promised one so many years ago. While I was there is was rumored in one of my areas that the Church already owned a piece of land big enough for a temple (an area called Nueve de Julio) by the road that goes on to Carlos Paz. I will be excited to see where the actual site is. While Argentina has a temple in Buenos Aires, it is an 8-10 hour trip one way by bus to get there (no one has cars). From La Rioja and Catamarca I believe it is almost 2 days one way (also areas in our mission I served in). So this is a great area because it will serve so many in this great country who don't have the funds to make that long trip. Another testimony that the Lord blesses the faithful and fullfils all of his promises and prophesies!! Anyone feel like a road trip to go to the dedication? Viva Argentina! Here is the news