Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Pictures of the Kids

Here are some pictures I took of the kids after a snow storm in December. It's great to finally have a backyard for them to play in!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Christmas..... finally!!

The kids's tree in the family room.
The kids put all of their homemade ornaments and decorate it anyway they want.

Christmas morning

Some of the stockings and my new temple picture!!!

The 12 foot tree in the entry way

The living room after Santa came. (Yes, that is tree #3)!

Looking at the entry way from the 2nd floor

Daddy and Ty on Christmas morning.

Ali and Nate

Abby opening presents

Ali with her Book of Mormon action figure!!!

Sorry that it took so long to update the blog. I don't know where the time goes. Oh, maybe it is two kids in school, one in preschool, one 11 month old, 3 kids in basketball, 3 practices a week, 3 games on Saturday, 5 days of early morning seminary and one hardworking husband. I guess I have been a little busy!!!!