Sunday, May 16, 2010

Seaworld San Diego

Seaworld was fun. The kids really enjoyed it but Ty was a little tired of being in his stroller. He isn't walking and wanted to crawl but I wouldn't let him. This poor little guy had a hard time.

The kids were feeding sea turtles

The Shamu show

We had great seats! But since the trainer was killer recently the show has really changed. It is only 20 minutes long and the trainers never get in the water with the whales. I miss the old show!

The family!

The flamingo parade

Here the kids are petting baby sharks!!

Feeding the sea turtles lettuce

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Legoland was fun. We hadn't really heard anything about it before we went other than it is for smaller kids so it seemed to fit our family. The kids had a blast! They could go an everything except for Nate. He met the height requirement but not the age. Some of the rides you had to be 4 to go on.

Abby and Ali enjoying their boat ride.

Next door to Legoland it an aquarium. Here the kids are touching some type of sea creature.

Nate received his drivers license after displaying his mastery of the wheel.

Now at Legoland if you pay extra you get these awesome wristbands. These awesome thing allow you to go to the front of EVERY line! That's right, there is no need for fast past, you just cut to the front. This was awesome because from noon on there were an hour to an hour and a half wait for almost every ride. But we were able to walk right up and go before everyone who had been waiting. Yes we received many dirt looks but hey the wristband speaks. Now they only sell a limited amount of these bands and the only requirement is that you wait an hour before going on the same ride again.
All in all Legoland was fun. Is it better than Disney? No, not in my book but it is great for kids under 12.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

San Diego and Mission Beach

Megan and I left with the kids on Wednesday and drove to Phoenix after fighting a windstorm that actually closed I-40. We then continued Thrusday on to San Diego where Josh joined us later that night. We went to Legoland, Sea World and the Animal Wild Park. Those pictures will follow. We went to the beach twice and the kids loved it. That is until a wave knocked Nate and Abby over and got them all wet! They were good sports about it and went back the next day.

Ali loved to feel the wind on her face!
Abby before the wave got her

Nate was a little cold

Ty was experiencing the feeling of sand for the first time