Monday, September 29, 2008

Soccer Fun

Ali and Abby are both in soccer this year. Ali loves the fact the her dad is helping coach. Abby has already asked when he will coach her team. Here are some recent pictures of them playing. It was a great game for each because both Ali and Abby scored three goals each to help their teams win!!! Sorry some of the pictures are blurry.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I finally gave in!

After months of enjoying the blogs of family and friends I have finally given in! I kept saying that I don't have time to do things like that but I feel like this might be the only way to keep in touch with most of you. I hope that I can keep it updated with new events in our lives.
Josh is busy with work and coaching Ali's soccer team. I am a true soccer mom with both Ali and Abby in soccer this year. Nate is all boy and like my little (huge) backpack that goes everywhere with me. It has been crazy but we are loving it. We are selling our current home and waiting for our new one to be completed. Our closing date is next month in October but as you can tell by the pictures below that isn't going to happen. So for now we don't know when we will move but at least they started to dig the pool!
Looking through the front door at the spiral staircase.

The view of the front of the new house.

They view of the back of the new house and the hole for the pool!

The theater room and stage.

View from the master bedroom of Sandia peak and the valley