Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter Pictures

Here are pictures actually taken the week after Easter because of conference. This might be the last time they can all dress alike because Ali is in the largest size of clothes that Gymboree makes! Sad ):

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MAC Reunion

MAC stands for Mision Argentina Cordoba! Josh and I served in the Grand MAC and so it was fun to go to Utah for a reunion Easter weekend. After all, it all began in a mission reunion 11 1/2 years ago! Here are those who made it.

It was awesome to see Pte. Etchegaray. He was my second pres while being Josh's third! He came all the way from Uruguay for conference so that was why the reunion was held. He is a spiritual giant. When he bore his testimony that night I felt like a missionary all over again.

This is Hermana Hadfield, Krista now. We were such good friends on the mission and shared so many great experiences! We hung out tons after the mission also. I hadn't seen her in about 11 years to this was perfect. I am hoping we can pick-up where we left off. She has a cute family now that I was able to meet. I am glad we have reconnected and can't wait to tell her girls about all of our crazy times!

Here are both Elder Butterfields with Josh.

Here is Elder Hall. Spencer now writes the blog for the Utah Jazz. He was in my first zone, comps with Spangler. He was a great reminder of all of the good memories in Norte!

In conclusion, this reunion brought a flood of memories and feelings to the surface. First, my mission is still to this day the best thing I have ever done! Josh takes offense to that but I remind him that it was there that we met! No mission, no Josh! But seriously, it taught me so many things both spiritual and temporal. It molded my thoughts about my future eternal family and who I wanted to be. I made some of the best friends that I will ever have there. My patriarchal blessing says that sometime, somewhere, if I desire I will serve a mission. A little vague but no doubt about it the mission was for me!!