Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthday, Milestone, and the 4th of July

We took pictures to celebrate Abby's 5 th birthday and Ty being 3 months. I couldn't resist getting a family 4th of July picture also!

Oddly enough my girls don't mind being dressed alike. Doesn't Ali look tall!

Love that smile, not sure why he is sideways.

He loves to giggle!

My Abby!

She is my tender hearted girl!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kid Rock and Siblings

I bought Ali and Abby these pink cowgirls hats and sunglasses recently. Abby decided that she has to wear them almost everywhere. I think she looks like Kid Rock. What do you think?

Ali, Abby and Nate
Kid Rock Abby

Abby at the preschool fieldtrip.

Paradise Hills Community Preschool

Abby just finished her two years at Paradise Hills Communtiy Preschool. We love this school. It isn't a daycare. It is a school where learning is fun and age appropriate. Ali went there also and Nate will attend in the Fall. We would highly recommend it to any family!

Abby, Collin, Nate, and Olivia at the famous end of the year fieldtrip to Village Pizza. Each student (and sibling and parent) get to make thier OWN pizza!

Abby, Collin and Nate with the Wonderful Ms. Linsey

Abby outside the school
At the end of the year the students make their "mark" on the school by putting their handprints on the wall.

Abby after making "her mark."