Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Princess Abby in a Nut Shell

My baby girl turned 6. She calls herself my baby girl because she is the youngest of the girls in our family. She is such a great girl. She loves to sing and dance. In fact she makes up her own songs and sings them all of the time. She wants to be in ballet and gymnastics. She even has her Mom a little scared because she says she wants to be a cheerleader and not a basketball player!

She has a great imagination and has the great talent of staying out of trouble. She will be in first grade this year and loves school. She is reading great and loves to read to her little brothers.

Her favorite colors are gold and silver. Her favortie food is pretty much anything Italian. She loves to play with her cousin Colin.

Most importantly she has learned to recognize The Spirit and has the habit of reading her scriptures and saying her prayer. We are so proud of her! WE LOVE YOU BABY GIRL!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Abby Turns 6

This year Abby wanted her bday party at ABQ Jump. Here are all of the girls who came.

Abby's iCarly Cake

The princess herself!

Daddy surprised us and showed up at Abby's party with his staff!

The kids had a lot of fun going down all of the inflatable slides

Make a wish!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Puppy Love

We recently added two white German shepards to our family. They are 10 weeks old and adorable. They are so good with the kids and the kids have done really well with the responsibility of having dogs. They are brother and sister. If you have seen the Disney movie Bolt than they might seem familiar. The movie's main character "Bolt" is a white German shepard. So it seemed only right that they be named Bolt and Penny.

Bolt is in the orange collar and his ears point up where Penny is in the pink and has floppy ears.

They are really good with the kids. Even Tyson isn't afraid of them.

Bolt relaxing in the grass

Penny with the floppy ears.

Ali loves the dogs and is in charge of taking care of them. She has done awesome! She puts them out every morning and then lets them back in at night. She is even really good about picking up their poop!